somebody else - phan

somebody else - phan

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whatidk_ By whatidk_ Updated Nov 15

I don't want your body, but I hate to think about you with somebody else 


or when Phil swears he doesn't love Dan anymore until Dan finds somebody else.

but I mean you can't be mad that someone else likes dan because dan is great as long as he is loyal
1) kudos for this stellar book cover my goodness this looks so good 2) this sounds so sad I don't think im ready
I'd understand if Dan was looking at Aiden that way but like Aiden was looking at Dan and nobody can control that but Aiden.
I'm gonna read this one tomorrow, love. Then after this one I only have 2 more and I don't know what I'll do
me too but its saaaaad
                              but it's also really good so I can't complain much.
I really do like this so far. I'm going to listen to Somebody Else and maybe things will make more sense and everything will fit and yes