Paradise lies

Paradise lies

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Callie By CalliopeBlythe Updated Jan 11

{Highest ranking yet: #6 in Chicklit}  -

Eden would call herself ordinary, boring even. She just recently broke up with her first and only boyfriend and is not ready for a new relationship. She  doesn't want or need one. But then during a night out with her best friend she sees a guy. A guy with a rugged, mysterious, sexy look that doesn't exactly scream "good boy". But that doesn't matter.

One gaze, one smile on the dance floor was enough to change her mind. No, she doesn't want a relationship. Just a rebound, or even just a one night stand. The night out ends without them even exchanging a single word, but fate has other plans. Fate gives them another chance.

She gets herself locked out in front of her new apartment's door wearing nothing but a tank top and panties. Suddenly the hot guy from the dance floor comes out of the door across from her place and offers to help her. Her new neighbor had a look in his eyes that screamed "I want to strip you naked and take you right there, right now".

Will the rugged and sexy neighbor just be the rebound or a one night stand? Can ordinary, boring Eden even handle such a guy?

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theEEKstoryteller theEEKstoryteller May 02, 2017
Please go and read The Devil's Lost Daughter by @theEEKstorytellers
Dawn_Thorne Dawn_Thorne Apr 22, 2017
One of the many reasons I'd rather be my embarrassing self and eat at home...
                              People I'm just being honest here, it's meat for goodness sake!!! *that weird side of me speaks 
                              But I'm allergic so... I guess I'll be modest for once in my entire... uhm... mhh... unladylike life.
Pregnant or he hurt her?  At least that's where my mind first went.
Dawn_Thorne Dawn_Thorne Apr 22, 2017
Instead of being so grossed at this, I laughed hard coz God knows what I would do if some guy did that purposely on my face...
                              Hahahaha you wish for he'll, buddy and you will get it!
lenabui_95 lenabui_95 Apr 30, 2017
I remember my high school economics teacher made us watch this on the first day of class 😂
Dawn_Thorne Dawn_Thorne Apr 22, 2017
Trust me I've never been on a date before but damn sure no matter how awkward the guy is, I'll make him feel uncomfortable than he does to me. 
                              He doesn't get it all right for my things to go wrong does he? XD