Paradise lies [#Wattys2016] (Loving Mr. Rebound)

Paradise lies [#Wattys2016] (Loving Mr. Rebound)

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(Previously called "Loving Mr. Rebound")

I hated liars. I hated lies. A lie was a loaded gun that could kill a person's future. 
Amanda's lies were the bullets in a loaded weapon with which she killed our future together.
The pain of betrayal had come back, along with the fear of loving again.

Why did I have to think about the past again?
Because of her.
I revisited the past because of her. 
She awoke feelings in me I had not had in a long time, and I thought would never ever feel again. 
Attraction, passion and excitement for a new day to come.

I decided that I wanted to be close to her. 
I didn't want a relationship. I was done with those. 
But meeting her could help me lessen the pain of my scarred heart, like a painkiller. 
(Chapter of "Paradise lies") 

This is Book 1 of "Secrets and Lies Series"


Two people are scarred from their previous relationship. 

Both of them try to escape and hide from their past, instead of tending to their wounded hearts. 

One meeting. One gaze. One smile on the dancefloor.

They both think they are ready to be each other's rebound. 

Fate really has a funny way of making things complicated or exciting because they meet again, soon.

She is only in her tank top and panties, and has locked herself out in front of her new apartment's front door.

He is the neighbor that comes out of the door across from her place and offers to help her.

HTEllis HTEllis Nov 25
Loved this chapter! I really like the flow of your writing and how involved with the characters I feel already! Can't wait for more ❤️
HTEllis HTEllis Nov 25
Blind dates nearly never go the way you want them to go😖💗
i don't go on blind dates, i set em up and fail miserably 😂😂😂 my calling is definitely not to play matchmaker
HTEllis HTEllis Nov 25
When me and my friend are on first dates, we usually phone each other with code words. It can be highly amusing. 😆💗
HTEllis HTEllis Nov 25
Oh, she's great! I'd have been laughing too much for the guy to take me seriously! 😂😂
don't think of your ex. he ain't worth it *sassy finger snap* 😂😂😂