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Paradise lies [#Wattys2016] (Loving Mr. Rebound)

Paradise lies [#Wattys2016] (Loving Mr. Rebound)

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C.B.Williams By CalliopeBlythe Updated Jan 07

{Highest ranking yet: #6 in Chicklit}  -

"Oh shît!" She exclaimed, "I'm so sorry." She looked around for something to help me wipe my chest dry. I reached out for a box of tissue on the coffee table, but she pulled it from me and decided to take matters in her own hands. After picking out several tissue papers out of the box, she tapped my chest dry and moved downwards to my groin. She halted. I gulped. I had hoped that maybe the whole accident would calm down my friend between my legs, but it didn't happen fast enough.

I saw the exact moment she realized that I was aroused because she looked up at me and there was definitely lust in her eyes. I stared back. I didn't know how long we just sat there and gazed into each other's eyes. Something in the back of my head or maybe my male friend who was getting more and more ready by the second told me to get close to her. Not once did I break our eye contact when I leaned slowly towards her. I wasn't even sure if I had blinked that whole time while I was closing the distance between us.

(Chapter of "Paradise lies") 
(Previously called "Loving Mr. Rebound")

This is Book 1 of "Secrets and Lies Series"


Two people are scarred from their previous relationship. 

Both of them try to escape and hide from their past, instead of tending to their wounded hearts. 

One meeting. One gaze. One smile on the dancefloor.

They both think they are ready to be each other's rebound. 

Fate really has a funny way of making things complicated or exciting because they meet again, soon.

She is only in her tank top and panties, and has locked herself out in front of her new apartment's front door.

He is the neighbor that comes out of the door across from her place and offers to help her.

My life. My friends set up the worst one's and I spend probably 5 hours in the washroom
sbrobinson sbrobinson Jan 27
Omg I'm appalled. A man eating with his mouth full is probably one of the absolute worst pet peeves of mine. (And can I just say your story is starting out just like a story I wrote for a recent romance anthology. Like we think just alike!! 😲)
sbrobinson sbrobinson Jan 27
Oh sorry I noted a couple things hope you don't mind!! I always do my edits after I finish. I always need a good break before I look over the chapter I'm editing.
sbrobinson sbrobinson Jan 27
Double had. Poor girl though a perfect imagery because I can totally picture that face.
Nyah_Papaya Nyah_Papaya Jan 08
Let's be real y'all,
                              All of you are bashing Mitch but we'd all lowkey eat tasty food off the floor too, don't be ashamed it's a safe space here.
Can I just say how happy I am to see an author actually reply to all the comments 👏