Property || Septiplier ||

Property || Septiplier ||

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After the third world war the United Nation needed a way to keep peace. In a attempt of doing this they legalise Slavery and even create a corporation called UNSL. 

Jack's whole life is striped from his grasp when he is forced into slavery and bought by a stranger. The young lad expects to be treated like dirt but when meeting his new owner it's so much better than he could have ever imagined.

Contains: BDSM & Smut

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At least he won't forbid him from using  his phone or something like that
If I was in his position I would have broken this rule a lot I do this at school and home😂😂
Welp I'm definitely not becoming a good slave any time soon
                              Not that I'd decline becoming Marks
🎵🎶Hell nah, to the nah nah nah, hell to the nah!🎵🎶
Sweetbery14 Sweetbery14 Nov 24
I keep reading stuff wrong!!!  I THOUGHT THAT SAID "HAMILTON"
Actually he would be 16 years old in 2 more years he will be 18 in 2032 he would be 18 it's ok tho we all make mistakes love the story btw