The 3 nerds & The 3 bad boys

The 3 nerds & The 3 bad boys

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KoreanBubblyLove By KoreanBubblyLove Updated Jan 18, 2015

You know those girls that sit together by themselves not caring about what goes on around them? The ones who just stick their noses into textbooks, novels, and just about anything that would increase their intelligence?

The ones who wear glasses? 

The ones who you would look at and think to yourself "They're never going to get a boyfriend."

 The ones that always sit in front of the class? 

The ones you would ask if you could copy their homework because you were too busy, while they finished theirs the second they got it? 

The ones whose names you never paid attention to? Yeah, those girls.

What does society call them? 'Nerds' and that is where Maybelle, Sabrina and Tiffany come in, but unlike those stereotypical nerds you see on T.V that are potrayed as physically impossible to do sports and don't look attractive - they can, they just choose not to. Sport being an exception, how are they supposed to get straight A's if they fail P.E right? know those boys that walk ar...

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CrazyfangurlHahaha CrazyfangurlHahaha Jul 07, 2017
Im a nerd but im becoming alittle bit more laouder and use my phone in class a the time but dont get caught
arora101 arora101 Sep 24, 2016
literally me minus the glasses plus the braces ( I'm getting them soon. super nervous)
IssaMamiLani IssaMamiLani Jul 23, 2016
I always have to wear glasses or else I might trip or fall over something
hollaaabitches hollaaabitches Jul 01, 2016
I sir in the first desk because I don't see I wear glasses but I'm not so nerd I'm marks aren't so good and even lots of things
sagehubbard123 sagehubbard123 Jun 30, 2016
I wear them but currently just stepped on them 
                              But u took it to a whole new level
Squeaky18 Squeaky18 Jul 24, 2016
Im a nerd, yet I have a boyfriend.
                              He's called the refrigerator.