Only A Moonwalker Would Understand! (2)

Only A Moonwalker Would Understand! (2)

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Fuck with me at your own risk.

Love you!

mjxlien mjxlien Aug 11, 2016
yeah he really isn't relevant because it took me almost the end of his name for him to pop up on google so again his opinion is irrelevant and they are too.
Serena_m_ Serena_m_ Aug 26, 2016
🔫😼 never say that about my michael NEVER EVER SAY THAT I WILL FIND YOU sorry I'm sweet until someone messes with someone I love 😊
---MichaelsDreams--- ---MichaelsDreams--- Jul 31, 2016
OMGOsh I wish they wouldn't make such crap about a beautiful human being as MJ
Wtf? And i thought my brother was dumb. Wtf michael got to do with murder. Or is there something im missing wtf is in this dudes mind like....
Steph curry! Oh no oh no oh no! Madison dont even think about him anymore
LouieWasALlama LouieWasALlama Oct 16, 2016
I can't stand Cam Newton, but everyone else is pretty cool 👍 And it's really cool that Delano Edwards face timed you 👌