Black Sheep

Black Sheep

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ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ By she-man Updated Oct 10

He's the black sheep among the other seven brothers and one sister on the family, without either his mom or dad knowing it. And he tries hard to keep both parents clueless of the fact that puberty has damaged their second child and turned him into a man-whore.

But he doesn't think much about it. Besides he's not really that bad, at least that's what he likes to think.

And when his best friend, the soccer captain, is troubled by most seniors on the team (including the captain himself) who can't seem to properly contribute on the teamplay because of a certain girl, he asks him to keep the girl for himself so they can fix on the distraction she has caused.

Keeping a girl for no apparent period? That's sure a hard task for someone who solely do one night stand, not to mention this girl's somekind of female version of his black sheep side.

lanaroj lanaroj Oct 28
'I swear I won't read books about sex' bitch no. I'm SO reading this 😆
Your grammar is a bit off but the storyline seems interesting.
lanaroj lanaroj Oct 28
I thought we were over that by the previous few paragraphs 😂
lanaroj lanaroj Nov 16
Tbh I don't usually read this kind of stories but this one's hilarious 😂😂