My Little Flower

My Little Flower

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Markimoo_Darkipoo By Markimoo_darkibae Updated Oct 28

[Nothing was clear anymore, my home life, school life or social life. He was what was wrong with me. Tormenting me constantly, using my delicate brain to play games with my mind. There's nothing I can do to stop him. I'm just his little flower, sitting in a meadow. Waiting to be picked] 

~ cover by; @thesmutqueen
~ title name; vannilien98 

WARNING; Content is 18+ > Various uses of BDSM. This also may contain multiple RAPE scenes or RAPE like scenarios and you have been warned.

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rantingrant rantingrant May 10
I thought it was April....hmmm you learn something new everyday.
Wow this is amazing so far. Such dark story written so beautifully, and the descriptive writing style really sets such a clear scenery.
GorillazGirll GorillazGirll Jul 25, 2016
I'm reading this at my grandparents house while my grandma is taking to me!!!! I'm dieing!
ToriplierSepticMarsh ToriplierSepticMarsh Aug 23, 2016
Holy flippin shite balls. 
                              This is so good. Please more!! I'm in love with the story!!!
TallyHoHero TallyHoHero Jul 20, 2016
This is wonderful. I love your style of writing. Its so... Unique... Its so unique but yet... But yet... Yet, classic. Like, it is from olden days. None the less, this is beautiful and you now have a new follower.
Coolart123 Coolart123 Aug 06, 2016
Me either, so why don't you get the FAQ OUT OF MY FAQING HOUSE!?! It's like out of all the freaking people you choose me the whiniest person you could find!