Personal Maid

Personal Maid

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Sky Nielle Zaldua thought she had it all. A rich family, a childhood sweetheart who she was just waiting for, and friends. Pero akala lang pala ang lahat.

Their business went bankrupt and she had to strive for money so that she could survive at the very least while her parents went off the Philippines to save their business somewhere on Earth. 

She had to be a maid. 

And the worse part? Her master turned out to be that childhood sweetheart she was dying to meet again

And the worst? He had forgotten about her and the bestfriend whom she loves so much was the guy's fiancee.

Now, tell her again what's the meaning of downfall. She'd answer you that she's the epitome of it.

*Needs a a major editting.
*Major typo.
*Major error.
*Wrong grammars in the major major way

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Shinasai Shinasai Feb 12, 2014
Nairecommend to ng friend ko :D  I'm going to read this .. ^__^