Little Miss Fighter

Little Miss Fighter

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Mari XO By Mari_4Life Updated Nov 04

Alexis King fights for what she loves. 

When Alexis was 14 her mother died of cancer and a year later her father abandoned Alexis and her younger brother Aden. 

Alexis was forced to grow up and take care of her younger brother until one day Aden and Alexis was put in the foster system.

Alexis escaped and promised her brother that she will come back for him. Now all Alexis is fighting for is her brother, Aden.

But when she gets caught and is force to live with a FBI agent who just so happens to be the schools bad boy's father. 

Ryder Williams is your normal bad boy with bad boy tendencies. He has secrets of his own. And a past. One that he wants to secret. 

 He takes an interest in Alexis. But Alexis thinks he's a self-absorb, egotistic, dirty minded jackass. Ryder has a past but so does Alexis. 

Will she find out his secret? Will sparks fly or will punches fly? Or maybe both? 

Alexis better watch out cause Ryder has no limits.

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He was only three if her moms death happened four years and she fifth teen now and he's seven then when she died he would of been three and she'd be eleven
Mari_4Life Mari_4Life Sep 12
The flash back scenes are the hardest for me to write. 😭I'm an emotional person. 😂