The Resurrection (Book Two in The Wattpad Featured Return Series)

The Resurrection (Book Two in The Wattpad Featured Return Series)

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When not even death wants to keep her, Ellie Blackwell finds herself resurrected, living in a new time yet still surrounded by the same souls that existed in her past.  

As her seventeenth birthday approaches she anxiously waits to see if he will find her again and if he does will the love they shared so long ago still burn as strong? But along with hope, Ellie is crippled by the deep fear that history will repeat itself in more ways than one.  

Will fate will take control over her life again, cruelly throwing the same obstacles in the way of her happiness?  Or will she finally find some of the answers that she's been searching for?

***Part one, 'The Return' (Watty Award Finalist and Featured Wattpad story), is on my profile page. If you haven't read it, I suggest you start there before reading this. The book is stocked full of romance, secrets, and even a murder, not to mention a few twists and turns along the way.

LiviaMathias LiviaMathias Jun 25, 2017
The first part was so intriguing....i am.hooked.....and now watching tge video for  the second part...cant wait to read it.....amazing background score
Hstylesbaby Hstylesbaby Apr 07, 2017
Wtf I'm reading the first book right now and you tell me I have to read over 80 chapters just to end on the same spot ???? Another lifetime, no answers and the circle begins again ??? Seriously ? Why do I even read Book 1 then ??
teen_rebell teen_rebell Nov 04, 2017
I have a math test tomorrow and instead of going to sleep I am reading this book!!! I am so hooked and stupid...
EzziBA EzziBA Jun 30, 2016
A tiny baby screaming the name Levi. That's a little scary. O.O
AideenX AideenX Mar 23, 2016
I just happened to decide and reread the series today and then I opened this and saw the video for bones by ms mr.... This has made my day so much like I cant even explain... that song speaks to me on another level :o <4
user57012158 user57012158 May 24, 2016
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