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That Bully(LeafyIsHere X Reader)

That Bully(LeafyIsHere X Reader)

55K Reads 2K Votes 34 Part Story
— ɪɴsᴀɴɪᴛʏ By crazylester Completed

You go to this High School called (HS/N). There's a lot of nice, mean, and many others that go to this school. Especially fangirls. You didn't fangirl much. But, when you did, it probably had to be for a good reason. There was this boy at your school named, Calvin. When it came to girls for him, pretty much all the girls were there surrounding him beside you and your best friend, Marie. You didn't plan on EVER liking him until...

cover : © glamorousbunny

snoopyjr515 snoopyjr515 2 days ago
                              DONT MESS WITH ME B IM FROM NY
                              I WILL PUT U IN UR GRAVE
xXBlade_ShimashiraXx xXBlade_ShimashiraXx Oct 15, 2016
Most of the comments are people hissing and like 2% talking about the actual book .... Hmmm which should I join..... F@$k it HISSS
lizkidbid lizkidbid Oct 21, 2016
Lol, I'm kind of lazy but I try my best of writing a very long story. I like this so far and hoping to finish. 😜
COOKIES957 COOKIES957 Nov 28, 2016
99.9% of all rapes begin with the touch of a hand on the shoulder
COOKIES957 COOKIES957 Nov 28, 2016
Leafs--"plz don't fangirl" 
                              Me--"me fangirl? Haha never. *grabs chloroform and rag*
PaytonWhitten22 PaytonWhitten22 Sep 19, 2016
Uh, yeah, No.
                              If I drop a pencil..
                              A PENCIL
                              I get a after school detention. -.-