Castiel x Reader

Castiel x Reader

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SH By sadistichazard Updated Dec 21, 2016

You and Cas have know each other for a while, since you were a kid and then you eventually fall in love with him, but a lot of shit happens. Will Castiel and you still be together. 
Features you the reader, Castiel, Sam, Dean, and Gabriel, probably more throughout the story

I don't own the characters.

This is my own cover and my story.

A pantless Cas just staring at me, cuz that isnt weird at all XD
Is anybody gonna call the cops? I'm playing with a dude in a trenchcoat and he has no pantsss.
When I was a kid I always had a steak knife with me when my sister and I were home alone.
                              I was also Satan. I still am.
Omg, why is this so cute? Neighbors must be watching like "What a perv?!"
                              HES IN A TRENCH COAT.
                              WITHOUT PANTS.
                              NO (Y/N).
can somebody draw this? i would but i totally cant draw for crap