Rising Darkness (harry potter)

Rising Darkness (harry potter)

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mudkipcookiez By mudkipcookiez Completed

What if James and Lily potter were not Harry's actual parents? Harry has been lied to all his life, and now he finds out the truth.
    I don't own Harry Potter. None of the characters are mine except Marie. I only came up with the plot.
    WARNING 1: contains boyxboy. Don't like don't read 

     WARNING 2: might (does) include things not appropriate for younger audiences. 

      WARNING 3: very very slow updates. I try, but the updates are very infrequent, and spontaneous. Sorry about that.

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TheCipherTwins1967 TheCipherTwins1967 Aug 31, 2017
*throws already dead heart in an abandoned home* NOPE NEED MORE
                              *blows house up and then takes all ashes and throws them in the ocean* ok I'm good now *starts crying*
emmuli1999 emmuli1999 Sep 23, 2017
Somehow that makes it sound like she is sure that he will end up in Azkaban when he is older...
Whisks-are-satan Whisks-are-satan Jun 24, 2017
Frick you Dumblefuck! Let her have her kid! While yea she shouldn't raise a kid in prison, she should not have to give up her kid when she is perfectly willing and able to care for them
_FunkyandFunIris_ _FunkyandFunIris_ Jul 24, 2017
*throws heart in trashcan* not enough *sets trashcan on fire* good riddance
Bellatrix_LS Bellatrix_LS Jul 05, 2017
                              *has a picture of her stolen son in the background*
                              NO ONE DOES THIS
                              *whispers* and honestly even if you're in Azkaban they should've sent him to family.
Wait hold on *takes heart out of chest* take it! Just take it! I don’t need it!