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Fantasy Book Club

Fantasy Book Club

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Sybil By SicSemperT-Rex Updated 7 days ago

Are you a fantasy author? Do you have a hard time getting readers? Come right in! We're always accepting members.

Arveliot Arveliot May 15
                              Username: @Arveliot
                              Story Title: The Dragon Chase
                              Mature: No. 
                              Reading Restrictions: Instruction manuals. No one needs those.
Username: @TheWhiteSeries
                              Title: White
                              Mature: The chapters so far aren't, but later chapters will feature violence, drug use, sexually inappropriate / abusive behaviour (none of which is explicit)
                              Restrictions: None!
Username: AboveTheGlory 
                              Story Title: White Noise
                              Rated mature: no, unless you count bad language 
                              Reading restrictions: no
Username: charlieNowell
                              Title: Children of The Nine
                              Mature- some mild swear words, some violence
                              Restrictions: None
Username: Princess-of-the-Pen
                              Title: Shadows in the Citadel
                              Mature: No. Might be minor swearing but I have none so far.
                              Restrictions: I'm not a big fan of romance, historical fiction, and the werewolf/vampire genres but I'll read anything.
Username: @clinomaniacs 
                              Story Title: Born of Injustice
                              Mature?: No
                              Reading Restrictions: Just no straight up smut. It makes me uncomfortable.