Josh Dun Imagines

Josh Dun Imagines

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JoshDunSmut By JoshDunSmut Updated Jun 21

Josh had asked you out on a date today and you were extremely nervous because you have had a crush on Josh for 2 months now.

Tyler had always been flirting and hinting at you that he really likes you and while Tyler was all sweet and stuff he wasn't really your type.

You had picked out a little black dress that was ruffled at the end and black heels, you put on a normal amount of makeup not wanting to overdo it.

"Hey (Y/N) you looking amazing" Josh said as he walked into your room.

"Thanks" You said looking down blushing, not wanting Josh to see you.

"Bye (Y/N), see your soon" Tyler said kissing your cheek.

"Bye Tyler" You said waving at him.


Josh was taking you to the movies instead of a dinner.

"So what do you want to see" He said looking at you, out of the corner of your eyes he bit his lip not knowing that you saw him.

"What about The Purdge?" You asked.

"Really? Okay then" Josh said smiling at you.


After the movie you were really tired and Josh took you b...

SMELL HIS DICK FIRST I can't be the only one who watched baby boy
                              YES BITCH YES
The line under this when it said “darkly” I read it as “dankly” like dank memes and I was like wtf
*raps legs around josh* whispers “time gains momentum the moment when I’m livin in em I’m winning a momentary sinningudsgvhjjbdss”
B A B Y G I R L. Is it just me or does it just make you feel really special and happy when you're called that (also Babyboy if you're a boy).
"you and your underwear" is the underwear like a person bc thats kinda kinky don't you think