[For Real!!]【Vkook】

[For Real!!]【Vkook】

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Kim Taehyung the quiet anti-social boy in class. Taehyung has a scholarship for his high school, his parents are travelling for their jobs leaving him to work for himself. What no one knew is that, he was one of the popular waiters at the well known café, called Rosé. 

Jeon Jungkook the transfer student, he has everything, money, looks, and brains. Being the son of a famous CEO, he is a flirtatious boy, and can't think of anyone but himself. He decides to check out why a certain café is so popular but what he encounters there isn't what he expected.

((Purease don't steal zee cover!!))


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PaulaHammie PaulaHammie Dec 22, 2017
Lmao Taehyung is telling me Taekook isnt real 
                              fight me bitch
Who will help me go to Seoul and hara- *ahem* I mean seduced- *AHEM!* ASK them to make this come true?
^^^ and ^^^^ are really just copying off each other but I love iy
bittercasgirl bittercasgirl Nov 25, 2017
I didn’t realize this fic would be canon compliant. Baby duck jungkook at it again
hercypher hercypher Mar 12
Lowkey my life, it sucks trust me. Sometimes I want to become invisible and do whatever I want without caring about the fact that people are looking at me all the time.
bittercasgirl bittercasgirl Nov 25, 2017
He’s gonna end up in a body bag if he keeps this up
                              His last thought will be “wow taes so cute”