I Belong To Him (Michael Myers Fanfic)

I Belong To Him (Michael Myers Fanfic)

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Cutie Dandere By Queen_Cutie_Senpai Completed

An average, quiet and unique girl as yourself thought that life is hard with abusive parents and people out to kick you while you are down. With only one friend by your side, it was almost enough to help you through your sadness and shyness. Or so you think. There was a point where you get held hostage by the infamous Michael Myers. You saved him and then he kept you by his side since then. And the fact that you have no one else other than him. You two slowly develop feelings for each other. How will this romance turn out?

This is a Michael Myers x Reader story this time. I don't own him or anything else, but the plot.

Enjoy and vote!

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BrelynnGayton BrelynnGayton Oct 26, 2017
This is me exept for the quiet and talking thing i mean i just love talking
PancakeKiller47 PancakeKiller47 Nov 14, 2017
Everything else is basically me besides the sibling thing. Kinda since they are step, but why ask about a party? Although I do got a few friends.
Blu-Roze Blu-Roze Oct 27, 2017
I have siblings but it doesn't really feel like I have any at times with them
And pink is a beautiful color, most of you say you don't like it 'cause you want to look unique and different compared with other people.
Mint676 Mint676 Dec 10, 2017
What the hell are you talking about?! Parties, hell no, I'm not even there!!
Crash course is psychology- asocial is the avoidance and/or dislike of social contact. Antisocial is a serious mental illness that makes people distant, unaware/uncaring of others mental and physical well being, selfish, can become dangerous in some situations.