Stumbling Over April ➳ Daryl Dixon

Stumbling Over April ➳ Daryl Dixon

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Lou By crossbow_h0e Updated Jun 14

"I don't know what it's like to be in love, but if it hurts as much as falling... I don't want to do it."

April was a clumsy girl. Always falling and tripping over herself, sometimes making a problem bigger than it needed to be, and a damn zombie apocalypse wasn't going to change that. 

|This is a Walking Dead fanfiction, I can go about this how ever I may like, but it will slightly follow the TV show, and starts during Season One. This will eventually be a Daryl Dixon love story.|

copyright © crossbow_h0e 2017

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ReedusMe ReedusMe Jul 23, 2016
Love your cover and title! Look forward to resign later tonight 😊