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Psycho Stalker

Psycho Stalker

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KetsuekiAngel By KetsuekiAngel Updated Feb 13

Naruto is the most bullied kid in the town were he lives. Sasuke is the most popular kid in the town. What happens when sasuke a boy who was never taught how to properly love someone, meets naruto a boy who will do anything to get out of being bullied. (SasuNaru, MPreg, there will be KibaNaru and, NejiNaru as well but my ultimate goal is SasuNaru.)

And quick note this my first fanfiction.

cuitechan cuitechan Mar 14
No i dont whats that and while yoyr at it random person in the comments whats rape I've been hearing it alot lately is it a state or a fruit or some game
cuitechan cuitechan Mar 14
No naruto senpi is not your hes mine!!!!😠😠😠😠😠
Goat_Kiddie911 Goat_Kiddie911 Oct 18, 2016
OMG lololololol this is great. Btw, just for future reference...
                              "Witch" --> "Which"
                              "Parrant/Perant"--> "Parent"
                              Sorry if this is offensive... Just some spelling things.
Rose-Chan1016 Rose-Chan1016 Jul 18, 2016
Just a few spelling and grammar mistakes, overall, I LOVE ITTTT!!!!!
Goat_Kiddie911 Goat_Kiddie911 Oct 18, 2016
Holy friggin' guacamole!
                              *Stares at the sparkling screen in utter disbelief*
                              What happened!? Why did the grammar and spelling do a complete 180!? It's perfect!
                              *Eyes fill with sparkles from the screen*
Rosekiss360 Rosekiss360 Jan 18
He's not your bitch. And why Neji you're seriously my favorite character in this show. This behavior would be kind of hot if you weren't hurting Naruto, beating him up and claiming he did something he didn't.