Inner And Outer Demons

Inner And Outer Demons

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Divergent_obsessed46 By Divergent_obsessed46 Updated Jan 19

Here on the job, you not only battle the demons outside in the world. But the demons resting inside you as well. 

Tris Prior's first day as a homicide detective approaches, and what she thinks will be an easy and smooth start turns to be hard and bumpy. With a partner with more secrets than the suspects themselves, and seeing more death than anyone would wish she begins to second guess her decision to be there. 

Can her blue eyed, independent, hot headed partner keep her where she belongs, or will the stress of the job be too much.

Amazing Cover by: @voidtobias

another__bookworm another__bookworm Jul 30, 2016
Wow!! I really like the concept of the detectives and all that. Loved the chapter! Cant wait for the next update 😊
Mrmr259 Mrmr259 Jul 30, 2016
Really love this story its very interesting and grasping❤️❤️❤️
Allegiant_Anatomy Allegiant_Anatomy Aug 10, 2016
Yassssss the just like the bar across the street in Grey's Anatomy 🙌
FullMoonsDestiny FullMoonsDestiny Aug 20, 2016
This story is... There is no English word to describe how amazing it is!!! I've been looking or a Divergent fanfiction that a real, talented author wrote, as I finally found it! The chapters finish amazingly and at the perfect moment. This story so far is truly spectacular!
Dulce129 Dulce129 Jul 30, 2016
Great start. And I'm really into the actual case!!!!!  But of course I look forward to some hot Fourtris love too. Lol
littletons littletons Jul 30, 2016
Considering I'm into crime tvshows, I'm already IN LOVE with this ff