New Beginnings (ErenxReader)

New Beginnings (ErenxReader)

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📚Education Hiatus📚 By AngelDragon428 Completed

My first fanfic/romance story! I'm sorry if this sucks!

(y/n) (l/n) lives in New York City in a very nice apartment facing Central Park for almost nothing. Her musical career is kicking off as she DJ's at almost every party. A few months after her big arrival, a man named Eren Jaeger moves in next door. Eren almost immediately felt feelings for (y/n), but can't do anything about it because she's taken. Shortly after his arrival, mysterious kidnappings happening more often and other tragedies follow. Not to mention that (y/n)'s dreams are nothing like dreams or nightmares...

Will Eren be able to tell (y/n) his feelings for her? Will a kidnapping happen again? What will become of them? Read to find out!

(It's better than it sounds! )

Completed: 01/04/2018

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