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Erica&Tiff By DeltaSketch Updated Jan 10, 2011

The troublemakers of the school do pretty much whatever they want. Cassadee & Genesis love to cause trouble in the halls of EdgeWater High school, along with their other 2 friends. All 4 friends don't really fit in anywhere.
Cassadee Rynn, the chill, artistic, seemingly independant one of the 4 troublemakers really has no idea who she is or who she wants to be. She feels like causing chaos is the only thing that keeps her connected to who she used to be to who she is now. But when the amazing, gorgeous guy, Max Carson comes into the picture and turns her life upside down, everything begins to change. And change is the one this that Cassadee is scared of the most. Can she trust Max? Or is it going to end up making things worse? What happens if she ends up falling for Max and he doesn't feel the same for her?
All the while, Genesis, Cassadee's best friend is having her own problems. She's hiding a secret romance from everybody. Especially Cassadee. It makes it harder that her secret lover is Max's adorable hot best friend, Jordan. But is hiding their secret romance just making everything worse? It's causing Genesis & Cassadee to drift apart? Putting pressure on Jordan and Genesis's relationship?

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