Zayn Malik and Lauren Jauregui. Best spies in the industry at Medi Interprices. They're polar opposites and don't get along at all. With Zayn having a girlfriend who's a news reporter and a lawyer, doing his job is hard. And with the horrible past of the Jauregui and Malik family, adds more reasons as to why Zayn and Lauren couldn't hate eachother even more than they already do. Action. Love affair. Fatality. And Death will occur.

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Nashleo Nashleo May 31
Bitch please, give yourself a month and your dick won't wanna leave her vagina.....
Not being stereotypical but yah like they say most models are apparently dumb.
MarinaFares MarinaFares Jan 24
Ya'll are so mean! Gigi did actually attempt college for criminology so I don't think she's dense
MarinaFares MarinaFares Jan 24
NYU is hella expensive, no actual new yorkers attend it because of that  😂