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MC Diaries RP

MC Diaries RP

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Siezha's Senpai! By Summer_Shyla14 Updated Mar 10

Read the title and have fun! \(^~^)/

__AccountDeleted1__ __AccountDeleted1__ Dec 30, 2016
Skylar Grace VonRosenBurg 
                              Profile pic
                              Can turn into a wolf
                              Human and wolf
                              Nicole (sister)
                              Other: None
like_a_boss_girl like_a_boss_girl Dec 28, 2016
Name: Tyler 
                              Gender: male 
                              Looks: has white tiger tail and ears,green eyes,wears all black with a gold cross 
                              Powers:can turn into a tiger and can be insane.
                              Weapon: uses claws or sowrd 
                              Form:human and tiger
                              Crush: don't know yet
                              Siblings: lurnance brother 
                              Other:he is gay and he is fearless.
MeganTheWolfHybrid MeganTheWolfHybrid Oct 25, 2016
Name: Megan
                              Age: 20
                              Gender: female
                              Looks: blonde-brown hair, turquoise eyes, Tanish skin
                              Personality: flirty, Casanova, animal-lover
                              Powers: none
                              Weapon: bow and arrow
                              Form: shadow knight and wolfhybrid 
                              Crush: Travis
                              Other: she has asthma and an eating disorder
CraboStabo CraboStabo Nov 04, 2016
                              Looks:Gender bend of aaron 
                              Personality:Calm quite 
                              Powers:Can control people
                              Weapon:Pastel pink katana
                              Form:Shadow knight and werewolf
                              Other:Older twin of aaron
Warriors-Cats-Rule Warriors-Cats-Rule Nov 05, 2016
Name: Kiawah 
                              Age : 17
                              Gender: Female 
                              Looks: profile pic except instead of anime in minecraft way 
                              Personality: shy, sweet, caring, sometimes mean, and scared easily 
                              Powers: controls water 
                              Weapon: bow and arrow 
                              Form: demon 
                              Crush: Travis
                              Other: N/A
YaBoiiRin YaBoiiRin Dec 03, 2016
May I tag you too show you what my OC looks like and all that jazz?