Fire & Desire

Fire & Desire

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💋 By KaylaAngel Updated Dec 24, 2016

Their lives will be anything but ordinary... 

Book One in the "Fire & Desire" Series. 

(extended synopsis inside).

Anonymously_Yours91 Anonymously_Yours91 Oct 26, 2016
Ohhhhh I can't wait!!!! So happy I got time to catch up on some reading
I mean this is honestly the least he can do. Let her keep the house and car..a check would be nice but that's pushing it 😂
tee245 tee245 Dec 31, 2016
What the hell just happened is all I have to say. Like that was just like BOOM. I don't want your ass any more. But I feel her pain.
keialani17 keialani17 Dec 25, 2016
My mf husband...nobody does it better then this man👏💯😘
Anonymously_Yours91 Anonymously_Yours91 Oct 15, 2016
Now that I'm able to comment let me try this again...... I'm so happy you started this and I'm excited to see where it goes.
keialani17 keialani17 Dec 25, 2016
BIG RED FLAG!! y'all aren't married yet and he's going that long without sex😒 Yea he's getting it from someone else💯 fasho