No More Clowning Around- Sister Location (OLD)

No More Clowning Around- Sister Location (OLD)

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(This story is being rewritten)

A new sister location opens up miles away from Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, and their business is exploding.  Shifting all the previous customers of the old restaurant to go to the new one.  Everything is all fun and dandy until an unknown killer decides to attack his first prey.  After a slip-up, they are all forced out of their home, shifted from place to place while they struggle with their own internal battles and the grief from a certain clown.  

((This is the third novel of the FFAF series- but there is no need to read the other ones if you do not wish to.))
WARNING: This novel has SLOW UPDATES (with usually long chapters) and will include violence, mild swearing, as well as a trigger warning for depression.  My stories have dark tones- so if you can't handle that then I'd recommend reading a story where everyone holds hands and skips among a field.  Also, this story was written BEFORE Sister Location even released, and it was how I predicted the game would lay-out.  It will stay that way, and from this point on, it will be considered an alternate universe.  

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(For Copyright purposes)
Five Nights at Freddy's and characters belong to Scott Cawthon
Story and cover art belongs to me so please do not post it elsewhere!
You may use the characters the way I interpret them, but please give credit if you plan on writing, drawing, or posting them anywhere.  Thank you, and enjoy the show!

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Love the story so far, and your way of writing is amazing. Keep it up!! :3