The Blue Kakugan (Tokyo ghoul x Reader)

The Blue Kakugan (Tokyo ghoul x Reader)

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Abby Guzman By AbbyGuzman7 Completed

This is no one-shot!!

(L/N) (Y/N) was born special.....

And as we all know, being special comes with a price.

If you want to know more, read this book:D

Guys, I made this when I was 12, mkay? Expect your character to be a Mary Sue.........

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Wow! My eyes are blue...and I like light blue XD well this is perfect for me :)
Yas thank yah....😆 Mah fav. color is light blue !!!! Mah height 5'2
Fandomtato Fandomtato Mar 14
By that I mean I take pride in my eyes color and blue eyes would be too bright on me.
God im short 👌👌👌 
                              😂 but thats okkk it hass its benefits toooo hehehehehheee
*clicks tounge* im 157cm
                              AUTHOR U STALKIN MEH
Legit my favorite color and I do have blue eyes so it’s cool