The Blue Kakugan (Tokyo ghoul x Reader)

The Blue Kakugan (Tokyo ghoul x Reader)

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Abby Guzman By AbbyGuzman7 Completed

This is no one-shot!!

(L/N) (Y/N) was born special.....

And as we all know, being special comes with a price.

If you want to know more, read this book:D

Guys, I made this when I was 12, mkay? Expect your character to be a Mary Sue.........

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MysticM3lody MysticM3lody Dec 02, 2017
RIP my dark hazel eyes, but i kinda always wanted blue eyes 😍😍😍
But the only thing I like about myself are my green eyes 😭😭😭
By that I mean I take pride in my eyes color and blue eyes would be too bright on me.
xaviereberherr xaviereberherr Nov 28, 2017
I'm so white I could close my eyes and lay in snow and you won't find me
BioTechGirl3 BioTechGirl3 Dec 03, 2017
My oc's eyes are sky blue and blue is one of my favorite color so Im okay with this
IAmPsychoKid IAmPsychoKid 2 days ago
*clicks tounge* im 157cm
                              AUTHOR U STALKIN MEH