The Devil's Daughter

The Devil's Daughter

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Satan's Child By Lava98 Updated Feb 02

I'm the daughter of the Devil. The name's Fiammetta Drago. I chose the last name Drago because my main power is turning into a large pink dragon, but no one that's seen it has lived to tell about it. I have pink hair, blue eyes, and a tail.

If anyone knew I was an actual demon they most likely wouldn't accept me. I always wrap my tail around my torso, hiding it under my shirt. The bounty on my head is 600 million under the name, The Demon. I look a lot different than my counterpart. As The Demon, my hair turns black, my eyes turn red, my tail grows longer, and I grow wings like a dragon. Everyone mistakes it as a Devil Fruit power, so I go along with it.

I finally decided, after many years of missions, to settle down for a little bit and spend all the money I collected. On occasion, I'd go out and kick someone's ass though. I bought a house in Logue Town and lived there for about two years before it's stirred up by a few pirates that I decide to join in order to have some fun again. I've always wanted to be a crew mate.

Join me on my adventure with the Straw Hat Pirates as I gain their trust, fall in love, and reveal my deepest secrets to save my crew.

The story begins with the episode in Logue Town. Episode 48.

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Wait.. doesn't Zoro gets his bounty after defeating Crocodile??
Omnisexual_Satan Omnisexual_Satan Jul 23, 2016
I'm taller than her when she's in her normal form. WTH?!?!?!?!?!?! I'm taller than her by like 3 inches and I'm 13!!!!!!!!! Seriously!!! Why am I so damn tall!?!?!?! 😨😵😱😥😭😭😭😖😢😥☺😊😀😁😂😑