My Glee Story 3

My Glee Story 3

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HereIsLaur By HereIsLaur Updated Jan 20, 2012

The start of term came around again. It had been a really nice summer, my first one living in America, and boy was it hot! Finn and i had gotten together again. We were happy. Artie and Tina had broken up and Tina and Mike had started going out. Finn and Kurt's Mom and Dad had gotten together recently too, so it seemed that love was in the air.

The first morning of term we all went into the choir room. When Quinn walked in there was shock. Over the summer she had lost all of her baby weight. She looked fantastic. 

'Hey guy! Welcome back!', said Mr Shue, when we came into the choir room. 

'Hey Mr Shue!', we all said.

'Ok guys we are on a mission', said Mr Shue, 'there is a lot of new students after starting at the school, and we need new members for the glee club. Soooo i was thinking that you should perform a song at lunch infront of all the students'.

'Sure Mr Shue', we said, 'but what song?'

'What about 'Empire State Of Mind'?', said Mercedes, 'i love that song!'

'That's  a gr...