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Pokelove | Vkook

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taelion By Monocchio Updated Dec 29, 2017

Rule #95

A human shall never contain feelings for a pokemon that show more then kindness or ownership. One must not have sexual desire towards a pokemon or interface in sexual activities. If these ever were to occur, drastic measures will be in forced. The pokemon will be confiscated or terminated.

Love does not exist between a human and pokemon

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You see those feelings? Yea yea... looks like he... caught them all BDHSJXHJZJZ no no okay
Oshiete o oshiete yo sono shikumi wo boku no naka ni dare ga iru no
nochugukkie nochugukkie Jan 20
okay but like bringing a "stranger" into your house like don't you think that's a bit-
I saw this and was like "why tf would this be a thing" and now I'm reading it like "Yass let's get it"
I dunno Whats with this pokemon and ffs but it  makes the stories intresting😂