I Love You Too (ManxBoy) (Watty Awards 2013) (Completed)

I Love You Too (ManxBoy) (Watty Awards 2013) (Completed)

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D.R. / Demented Being / Didi By DiDi_XD Completed



"Love responsibly" ~ ever heard anyone say this for that matter? The one advise, Demetri Rye, would give out to most if they wanted to be spared from his blood-lusting vision.

Sage Hansen, broken hearted, he was a romantic. He couldn't save his heart from falling over and over again. He was ripped from within. Innocent and so blind to the harsh cruel world around him.

Demetri notices Sage. To him, love is non-existent - be it in ANY form - and for some reason, the sadness on Sage's face seemed to bring out a twitch in his heart. 

** note, this is an idea from Onision’s video ‘I Love You Too’ All idea credits go to him. If you hate blood/serial killers/scary gory sh*t, take my advise and leave... And yes, it's between a grown man and a boy, thus 'manxboy'. **
*** note 2, this is being sent in to the Watty Awards 2013 ***

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ahhayden ahhayden Apr 27, 2017
Of course omission made something like this. It's great, I don't watch him (anymore) the content he makes just isn't for me, but it's a hilarious video
Kawaii_Frikin_Potato Kawaii_Frikin_Potato Dec 19, 2016
I'm so confused after that. 😂😂😅😄😃😯😐😑
Ar_adia Ar_adia Mar 27, 2016
I've loved people before in many different ways so I can attest to the fault in this being said....
Blue_Soul Blue_Soul Aug 27, 2013
interesting beginning I really like it and want to see where it's heading update soon
LovlynBeautiful LovlynBeautiful Aug 25, 2013
>_< Thanks so much for the dedication but now I need to read more. Gaah. Now will have to test my patience. I owe you to dedications but none of the chapters are good enough. I will fulfill my promise. Lols
WhatsSoFunny WhatsSoFunny Aug 25, 2013
This story sound so good I can't wait to read it, specially since its a manxboy story.