I Fell For You At The Cemetery

I Fell For You At The Cemetery

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Sarah Wazir By BookgirlingMoments Updated Oct 30, 2016

[Winning book for the Wattys4 December monthly contest. Reviewed by @LDCrichton: "I forgot I was reading a contest entry this one is so good."] 

Which emotion is the most powerful? 

The optimists will say that it's love while the pessimists will argue that it's sadness. Sarah William fell into the pessimist category and not without reason. 

After losing the love of her life, she starts to slowly spiral into depression. So maybe, sadness really is the most powerful thing that human beings can feel. 

But maybe not. 

After crossing paths with Joey Harding, she's forced to think otherwise. Maybe the strongest emotion is the last thing that was left in Pandora's box: the little glowing ball of hope.  

But there's always the danger of that little light flickering unexpectedly and it could go out just as suddenly as it came, leaving everything in complete darkness.

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- - Oct 11, 2016
i have a friend sarah who had a crush on joey 
                              lol ok......
youngsilhouettes youngsilhouettes Nov 10, 2016
Reading it again and it feels as amazing as the first time. XD
JailanHelmy JailanHelmy Jul 18, 2016
I'm pretty sure this book will be awesome and I'll probably cry my eyes out in it 😂 can't wait
cherryblozom cherryblozom Jul 18, 2016
Sarah and Joey are back!!! :D 
                              The summary sounds so good ^^
                              All the best!
HappieGeetie21 HappieGeetie21 Aug 09, 2016
Omg even the book name is so intriguing!  This is why I love you author 😍❤👌
llaurallyee llaurallyee Aug 27, 2016
I'm so excited to read this omg
                              I'm SUPPPPPPOOOSSED to be reading Lord of The Flies but..
                              This is so much betterrr ;u;u;u;u;