Boy in Love.(Haikyuu!! Scenarios & Oneshots)

Boy in Love.(Haikyuu!! Scenarios & Oneshots)

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-Min Yoongi- By ShinigamiKoemi Updated Oct 25, 2016

Scenarios and oneshots with the cast of Haikyuu!!

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YurioIsBae11 YurioIsBae11 15 hours ago
I just burst out laughing so hard I started coughing in front of my entire family. 🙏 Bless this chapter. Bless Kageyama, that small naïve blueberry. 🙏😂😂😂
Michirelia Michirelia Aug 20, 2016
                              Me: *Justin Bieber Voice* Baby,  baby, baby oohh~ Like BABY BABY BABY oOHo~"
Hide_Nagachika_TG Hide_Nagachika_TG Jul 17, 2016
Kags calm yoself. He's still urs. We can share him *smiles creepily* can't we?
ohapandicorn ohapandicorn Nov 21, 2016
that should be the reaction of kuroo for real like he will be happy and right after sad cuz no sex for 9 months