A Life With My Friends(Fnaf Sister Location x Reader)

A Life With My Friends(Fnaf Sister Location x Reader)

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(Y/n), a 16 year old high schooler. She has (H/l) (H/c) hair and (E/c) eyes. She is always been a loner because of her classmates who think of her as a freak. She is always shy but smart. She never even had a friend. 

Then one day, there were 4 transferee students who became her classmates. Their names are Baby, Ballora, Francis(Fun time Freddy), and Tommy(Fun time Foxy). 

The five of them became friends cause they don't think that (Y/n) is a freak instead a kind person.

But the only problem was that (Y/n) doesn't know what they are capable of. And not even (Y/n) doesn't know what are their plan was but the four of her friends will never broke their promise of being friends to her.

Then one day, kids from her school gotten missing and some are being murdered. What do you think will happened?

Is this a new life for (Y/n)? Find out in this book!^^

(A/n: I just changed fun time Freddy's and foxy's name cause its too darn long name. And also, I've never made a fnaf 5 x reader before so yeah... Another one, I sometimes like to do spoilers so no hatei cause I'm me)

Started: 7/19/16

I'm listening to Blame by Air Traffic Controller and it's so sad ;-;
I've made friends that just ended up leaving me...and I made 2 real friend :-)
:'3 YUS INSULT DEM BC EVERYONE LOVES ANIMU. >:3 GET REKT BISH. Wow I wish this was really me ;u;
guess ill have to deal with it cuz irl im the tallest in my class
WHY- :'| I'm not that bad. Also do they have anything else better to due?
I also would have bit her with my teeth if she didn't give it back.