Forbidden Love [Wonho] [✓]

Forbidden Love [Wonho] [✓]

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S E M I H A I T U S By Won_Hoe Completed

'No student teacher relationships allowed'

That's the golden rule at your college, one that you never really cared about since the teachers at your college were a bunch of bald elders.

However, a new teacher shows up and he's young and interesting...

Avoiding him didn't really work, so maybe breaking the rule secretly is okay?

Especially since it seems Mr. Shin is willing to break it too...

Story of my lifeu... When my friend tries to teach me... I annoy him to death
ever since I saw Shin Hoeseok's abs my skin cleared up, I got good grades in all of my subjects,my face is still ugly, I look like a trash bag for Shin Hoeseok,and I have a good job.
look at em aesthetic people on top of my comment when I look like a fucki'ng potato.
I sound like a girl that was actually a failed abortion and my parents are divorced but they were actually from Pluto, so it sounds like my dad died when he was in Pluto and my mom practically raised the failed abortion I am even though I am definitely not.
I dont like math...nor dislike it it just something I have to pass so meh
I like math and could be good at it, just need to revise the simplest
                              I need motivation tho