Broken Kings (House of Cards Series 0)

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Tricia By Trewest Completed
A prequel to the rest of the House of Cards Series, this story tells of how the intelligent and good natured boy Malcolm was morphed into Reaper, a gangster that reached boogeyman legend status and whose whispered name would provoke instant fear. When the young Westley, a Cuban uprooted to Spanish soil, starts to idolize Reaper and mould himself in his image, Malcolm's faced with the task of looking his reflection in the mirror and battling the inner demons reflected there.
i love it already I'm hooked, just one thing, mum and dad in Spanish has a "á" at the end, but it can be written either way, it's just for pronunciation. 
It must be hard growing up in such an environment. And what's with all the blood in the end? What happened? Don't tell me his sister is hurt.
So true, we don't want our children to make the same mistakes we did, they will make their own but we do try to shelter them from the ones we made.
While i was reading QoS and then this͵ i couldnt help but think of the song "Dark Side" by kelly clarkson. Great work on this series. I'm off to read KoH next. :)
@Sazzals277 im very confused about this aswell i read alices story first
Great start-- decided to download all of your books and start at 0! Reads well and written well. Voted