Yandere Karma Akabane x reader

Yandere Karma Akabane x reader

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( last name ) ( your name ) is a student of ( pick a school name ) academy. You're an average student and bla bla bla. You met a guy and it change your life :) I know i'm sooo lazy xD anyways i hope you enjoy the book :) 

Karma Akanane and all of Assassintion Classroom characters is Matsui Yuusei 's not mine and Assassintion Classroom is not mine.

( Completed )

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                              ugh I hate being on. Period
Karma is an Imposter the real one is probably watching Yuri on Ice rn
insanejoke insanejoke Jun 30
It is so creepy that karma akabane is nice. I mean he. Karma akabane and nice. Strange but yeah i like it
Yea there are kidnappers.....hmmm I think I see one *looks at karma*
SilverDragonSD SilverDragonSD Nov 27, 2016
OH MY GOSH, HE'S SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! * nose bleed*
vicki_0625 vicki_0625 Feb 15
Its actually okay Karma, I took two years of fencing and four years of karate....but sure, we can walk home together since it's a chance of lifetime.