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"Before you came, when Abe and Victor were still with us, a girl was dropped off at our doorstep. Her name was Celia Meyrick . . . I was smitten by the next day."

. . .

Emma wants Jacob to know that Enoch wasn't always cold and heartless. But an unexpected guest shows up, and the story these peculiars thought they knew turned out to be no more than a few lies. Why would you break the heart of someone you loved just to live a little?

Princesslissymae Princesslissymae 11 hours ago
BRUV ive only seen the movie but even I kno the powers were all passed around like a Christmas dinner
EmpressInfires EmpressInfires Nov 01, 2016
People be mixing up lady leader,Emma,and my sweet pea,Olive xD
                              This is book-verse,people!Author-nim even said that she pictures the dead-riser as blonde,unlike Finlay Macmillan.
                              But where exactly are the other children?Is this going to only be revolving around Enoch's lovelife?
boysthatfellout boysthatfellout Oct 31, 2016
nah fam i just have random energy going through my fingers at random times, your peculiarity has to be different
MyaNelson2 MyaNelson2 Dec 11, 2016
Emma can fly olive has fire and enoch has brown hair and a scottish accent
Petition to change Enoch's name to "Breakfast Boy." Reply to sign.
-infinitefantasies -infinitefantasies Dec 26, 2016
I feel so bad for the author for having to reply^^ like I didn't read the books either but even then I know basics