The Model Of My Arts ~ Scomiche

The Model Of My Arts ~ Scomiche

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Jesse Idelson By Jazznat99 Completed

Every artist has their own secret about their creations.

What's mine?



! Warning !
This book contains strong, uncensored language and mentions graphic depictions of violence and also sex between two males. If such content makes an individual uncomfortable, please do not read this book. 

Before all sex scenes will be marked with this symbol: (XXX), as well as in the chapter's title. After all sex scenes will be marked with this symbol: (Fin. XXX). Viewers who would like to skip graphic content can use this system to read for only the plot points.

No story will be revealed during an (XXX) scene, hence missing plot points from avoiding these scenes will not be a problem.


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Viveetamor Viveetamor Mar 23, 2017
I'm LOVING this story already. I've been wanting to read it for forever and finally I'm getting around to it.  I can't wait to continue.  Beaitiful writing so far! I'm obsessed with the character dynamic and the set up of this story. Ahh. Amaing
TallMamma21 TallMamma21 Jun 27, 2017
I'm reading this again evey time you upload the other bok so I can feel from both sides
bangtanhoying bangtanhoying Dec 26, 2016
I feel like the Empire Medley doesn't get the attention it deserves because it's honestly such a good medley
If he walked away, I would've screeched "HEY! BRUH I WAS DRAWING YOU, TF UR PROBLEM"
the-other-me the-other-me Oct 18, 2016
You literally already have me holding my breath in anticipation
CherryBlades CherryBlades Oct 06, 2016
With antici................