Five Nights At Sky Media 2

Five Nights At Sky Media 2

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❁ em By cloudneal Updated May 06, 2017

It's been almost a year since the incident in the infamous kids' restaurant Sky Media happened. Blood. Murder. Deadly animatronics. But Max Mithzan made sure that it wouldn't happen again. Red Vacktor, his boss, had been sentenced to spend his life in the prison. But, he had escaped. Escaped to seek revenge at Max, who destroyed his career which he balanced for five years. Wait.. What's this? A new Sky Media restaurant had been opened at a new location? With new and improved animatronics which are also created in the likeness of the first ones? Something smells fishy here, or his name is Michael A, the new owner of the second Sky Media restaurant. 

Join Max,Cory and Nick on the quest to survive another five nights at Sky Media.

(Sequel to Five Nights At Sky Media [FNASM])

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player1Jessica player1Jessica Oct 09, 2016
Please update as fast as you can because this is 100% my favorite book and it's only on chapter 1...... yay?
Twinkling_6alaxy Twinkling_6alaxy Oct 05, 2016
Ooooooh spoopy!!! Just in time for Halloween!
                              Ye @InkWaffle
kacyL_DemonChild kacyL_DemonChild Oct 04, 2016
If it's the same person I think his last name is Steven?
                              (If it is and you know sorry)