Mirror You #Wattys2016

Mirror You #Wattys2016

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Mwezi By blameitonchristopher Completed

Jayln is a young adolescent who has both a gift and curse. She is able to see events that have taken place in the past as well as the future through mirrors, when her parents decide to move out of state to start a new life she meets a boy named Terrance that has experienced the same thing as her, as the both of them try to seek good in their abilities they end up unlocking something life threatening

Cover by @t-eambreezy

Started July - 16 - 2016
Ended August - 29 - 2016

PoeticJay PoeticJay Oct 30
fuckx being late. if you don't hop yo stinky assx in the shower...
It's scaring me so that must mean it's a great book so far 😂
Bae was toooo sexyy in this pic fam 😩😩y u do this to me?
Kourtney_1 Kourtney_1 Sep 24
I love Chris fine ass so much but his forehead kills me every time 😂😭😭
Nah nah nah my soul would have escaped. That reminded of an episode of PLL when someone got into their car and A was in the back 👀😱😳😳
Lmaooo, oh my gawd!! Why y'all gotta get at dads forehead like that tho 😂!?