The Bad Boy Is My Baby's Daddy (BoyxBoy) (MPreg) (Being Edited)

The Bad Boy Is My Baby's Daddy (BoyxBoy) (MPreg) (Being Edited)

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❝I wish I wasn't so average, I want to be original.❞

A simple birthday wish causes chaos for Terrance J. Archibald. Already keeping his sexuality hidden from his overprotective parents and prying public eyes-Terrance finds himself into a whirlwind of a situation he can't seem to find words to describe. 

With only a few hand selected people whom know of his sexuality and maybe add in a dark mysterious bad boy who goes by the name of Cloud Stryker-secrets are kept, unbelievable truths be told and maybe add in a male pregnancy...

Will Terrance be able to survive his senior year?

[BoyxBoy] [Gay Love] [Male Pregnancy] [Mature]

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angelina30506 angelina30506 Dec 04, 2017
He shouldn't be worrying over a nickname but a goddamn note bc his ass is late 2 class😂😂😂
TaisaRae TaisaRae Dec 31, 2017
I've been trying to read this all day about to sit here and read it
Troublesome Troublesome Jan 23
I don’t know a single person that says shoot in that context
JastinsNut JastinsNut Jan 16
am I the only one who started thinking of Archie from riverdale
imacigarette imacigarette Dec 20, 2017
I wish the boys at my school were like every Wattpad bf ever.
Dreambiglove101 Dreambiglove101 Dec 27, 2017
He betta not be like "One night stand!" And hurt my baby! I may have only met him like 5 minutes ago but he is mine and you will not hurt him.