The Bad Boy Is My Baby's Daddy (BoyxBoy) (MPreg) (Being Edited)

The Bad Boy Is My Baby's Daddy (BoyxBoy) (MPreg) (Being Edited)

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❝I wish I wasn't so average, I want to be original.❞

A simple birthday wish causes chaos for Terrance J. Archibald. Already keeping his sexuality hidden from his overprotective parents and prying public eyes-Terrance finds himself into a whirlwind of a situation he can't seem to find words to describe. 

With only a few hand selected people whom know of his sexuality and maybe add in a dark mysterious bad boy who goes by the name of Cloud Stryker-secrets are kept, unbelievable truths be told and maybe add in a male pregnancy...

Will Terrance be able to survive his senior year?

[BoyxBoy] [Gay Love] [Male Pregnancy] [Mature]

phan3133 phan3133 Jul 19
When your listening to pumped up kicks and the white emo kid whispers "You seem cool I'll spare you."
You know what rhymes with Rex?  *wiggles eyebrows*
                              Text you dirty minded children... wait do they actually rhyme ?
IDK WHY but I get kinda offended that people mistake them as...ew... zombies when infact they are called...*pause for dramatic effect* 
                              WALKERS DUN DUN DUNNNNN!!
shiiit-aa shiiit-aa Aug 06
In our language the saying goes 'curiosity  killed the old lady' it sounds less harsh in our language tho😅
outlaster outlaster Jul 30
Lol that's why he looked at him stopping mid sentence.
                              Cloud has the hots for Terrance, ooh la la 😉
outlaster outlaster Jul 30
Is this Clouds way of a pickup line?
                              Yes, yes I think it is.