Love me (CLEXA AU)

Love me (CLEXA AU)

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gnarlydestiny By gnarlydestiny Updated Jul 06, 2017

Obviously another clexa fic. It will start off as a total cliché. I know. (Sorry) the whole girl next door best friends since child birth crap. I just have a lot of ideas for this fic so stick around. 

Clarke and Lexa are only a day apart by birth (lexa won't let Clarke forget it either) they spend each and every day together and are only alike by certain aspects. Lexa is very tall, smart, beautiful, flexible and active placing her in gymnastics/dance where Clarke is also those things but more of a shy character when it comes to showing her talent and feelings. Eventually I'll jump the gun and go into when clexa are in high school planning for college with the hope that they won't be separated.

Now let's see what happens

Also: I try and post more than once every day but if for some reason I don't post it's because I'm either studying to join the Military (NAVY) or I'm at my current job.

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AlyciaJergi AlyciaJergi Apr 24, 2017
Woooooow when i was 10 my room was the size of a walk in closet lol
heda__wanheda heda__wanheda May 23, 2017
I just read through this and thought, "What kind of coach says this?"😂
alovefora1000years alovefora1000years Jul 29, 2017
This is adorable child hood friends become adult lovers. 🌹🌹🌹❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
jo_woods jo_woods Jul 30, 2017
lol I wish Clarke was my friend cuz my parents won't buy it for me
jo_woods jo_woods Jul 30, 2017
She was seriously mad that her mom because had to go to work and let her stay with Lexa for the weekend? I would love that.
jo_woods jo_woods Jul 30, 2017
Ok so probably they lose contact and meet after years and they recongnize each other because of the necklace. Ez