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trickster trial ♠ joker game [on hold]

trickster trial ♠ joker game [on hold]

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2 a;m By alistaira- Updated Nov 15, 2016

[on hold]

"Tying up loose ends are unnecessary, you do not attempt to cut, nor tangle them, and they will not try to rethread you back into their web of lies. Take only what you need, Akiyama."

Iknowthisworld Iknowthisworld Nov 15, 2016
Don't you dare sy-o-na-ra me. Imma be right here till the next chapter.
Kanra02 Kanra02 Jul 18, 2016
Ooohhh!! Intriguing!! Can't wait for the next chapter, I love the premise already xx
NovaChrono NovaChrono Jul 25, 2016
It seems fine, intriguing so far. Just gonna put this out there, the last three lines seem like the two are speaking to each other because of how you used the quotation marks.
                              Good job so far otherwise!