Savage Black {Urban}

Savage Black {Urban}

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Savage Black was born and raised in Harlem, New York for half her life. After her father passes away from Parkinson's Disease, two months later her mother loses her job. Now at the age 21 struggling to make ends meet, Savage tries to make her dreams of becoming a poet come true. Her mother however, wants her to go to college to pursue a "real" career. Poetry was just a hobby in her mother's eyes, but to Savage poetry is a way of life. 

After finding her father's journal and letters, a lot of things unfold to her. Like her neighbor Avant and his suspicious ways, a man that shows up at her job looking for her, and the men that flock towards her widow mother. Savage tries to tell the people closest to her that her father might be trying to warn her about something, but no one will believe her. They thinks she's hallucinating just like her father did when he was sick, but she can feel the vibes around her. 

This is the life of Savage Black...

NY in december ain't no joke i dont be tryna leave the house
AugMiracle AugMiracle Aug 16
I used to hate when my dad did that. Then he would start pulling on my toes 🙄.
-rudegyal -rudegyal Nov 20
To be honest this book reached my full potential because I steer clear away from mostly sad books. But the title yearned to me, regardless of the description
My gym teacher name mrs.savage she the only person i can think og rn
typegoddess typegoddess Sep 06
See my mom doesn't do this but will tell my dad to and be like "I'm sorry but u wouldn't wake up when u I told you to so..."
This off topic but I oughta neck you so hard for spelling timberland wrong lmao