Adopted Little Sister(COMPLETED)

Adopted Little Sister(COMPLETED)

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#Reverse Queen✨ By litttbishhere Updated Feb 27

 Aniyah Pov

Hey yall my name is Aniyah Pérez.Im 15 years old in the 10th grade.Apparently they skipped me up cause I was too advanced for the 9th grade.I live in a foster home until I get adopted.I get bullied by Mateo,his friends and his 6 foot tall brother.Lelo makes me uncomfortable cause he is 6'3 and I'm only 5'0.Im really scared of them tho cause lord knows what they could do to me😔.

Anyway we was in the lunch room and the lunch line was so long that it curved.Yea when we in lunch they need microphones cause it be mad loud and tell me why Mateo had a microphone while looking at me

Mateo:yall know Aniyah tried to fuck me for a dollar

The whole cafeteria started laughing including Mateo.

Mateo:do you have anything to say for yourself Niyah

Aniyah:me and you aren't cool so don't call me Niyah

Mateo:ooh feisty,Me vas a coger mami(you gonna fuck me mami)

I looked at him in disgust,yea I knew what he said.Im black and Puerto Rican,I used to only speak Spanish now I know Englis...

I don't have no brothers, but I do got two sisters who know how to tear that ass up 💀
gabriellebrady12 gabriellebrady12 Jul 19, 2016
Wow ugh that just sad her new brother just raped her love it
monshellsvge monshellsvge Nov 25, 2016
Id be like id take several seats befo' sucking yo pediwhacker
NickiMinajSister NickiMinajSister Dec 31, 2016
Wait a minute... "I'm buff" BITCH WHERE?! ALL I SEE IS ABS HUNNY wait... wait... tf did I just say? 😔😔😧😧😂😂
amari_dgaf amari_dgaf Aug 03, 2016
What?! No! How you gonna moan when this is happening to you? Uh un. This to much. 🐸🍵
BabeeK7725 BabeeK7725 Feb 20