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Being the Alpha's mate

Being the Alpha's mate

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<3 By hidinginthegarden Completed

"Bye Mom, I'm leaving " I shouted, my voice echoing through the house as I came down the stair taking them two at a time running to the door before she could see me ."Hold on , I wanna see you before you leave ."she shouted before appearing out of nowhere I swear it's like she's a ghost or something ."Is that what your wearing" she asked looking completely mortified .I rolled my eyes at her , we have this same argument every mourning and it always ends the same way , me slamming the door in her face and she grounding me for slamming the door. "Just take the picture , I'm already late as it is ." I groaned .I heard her mumble something about teens today not having respect . She took the picture and stared at  it as I grabbed my car keys to leave ."what ?" I asked seeing as she was still staring at me ."I wish you'd wear a dress  to school or even a skirt ." she grumbled .Here we go again. My wolf complained  ."I mean seriously Elliot , would it kill you to dress like a girl once in your...

Faze7023 Faze7023 Dec 24, 2016
Not to be a paragraph nazi, buuuuuuuut... please separate! I couldn't understand all of it!
                              Once again, sorry to be a paragraph nazi.
deletedaccountforevs deletedaccountforevs Oct 12, 2016
Anyone else notice this girl is in The Secret Life of an American Teenager
ScarlettVictoriaArc ScarlettVictoriaArc Mar 13, 2016
Yazzzzzzzzzzz gurl go for him the best bae in the world leave nates funky ass for dis boi
LMAOOOOOOOOO.........where's ur MOTHER!!!..................... she has no filter
laughoutloud_334 laughoutloud_334 Nov 29, 2015
That's totally my mom I'm not that big of a girly hit and my mom like why don't you dress nicer like where a dress and a skirt
DeathLightning DeathLightning Aug 10, 2015
I'm just relaying what the voice in my head says don't shoot the messenger