Down in the Forest || Joshler [Completed]

Down in the Forest || Joshler [Completed]

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Trash By YikesAMillion Completed

Book one of the 'Forest' series

Tyler Joseph is on his high school basketball team and is popular. Everyone in town knows Tyler Joseph. 

Josh Dun plays percussion in the school band and has 4 friends. Nobody in town knows Josh Dun. 

When the two boys are co-counselors at Camp Lotus over the summer before their senior year, they'll realize that they have more in common than what meets the eye.

{Trigger Warning}
-Self Harm
-Mentions of suicide

I'm confused which Andy? Cause there's 2 very hot Andy's....
ahoedelano ahoedelano Jul 09
from my chemical romance , get that reference ill love you forever
                              IT HAS TO BE ANDY B
                              not saying that andy h would be too bad, either...
icycupcake5 icycupcake5 Jul 17
Same. Seeing people cry makes me cry. My cousin Byron cried at our Grandma's funeral and it was weird to see him cry because he's usually so strong
All around me are familiar faces worn out faces worn out faces
I swear, the faces I make when I hear certain names, are worse than some of Patrick's faces.....