Heavy Fire

Heavy Fire

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Jackson Terrance By JacksonTerrance Completed

This book isn't one of my best ones. If you want to read it, be my guest. But I can assure you my writing has certainly improved since this one was published. Please, enjoy!

Read Love Wins Over Glamour first so you'll know what is happening

Some scenes not appropriate for a younger audience.

'Please don't let this be a dream.'

'I'd think of it as more of a nightmare,' Tommy said as he finally turned to face me.

'Why didn't you call me?' I asked, feeling my voice crack.

'I had reasons,' Tommy stated, walking away from me and to his guitar.

'What reasons?' I snapped, making Tommy stop. 'You said you loved me, and you didn't call for sixteen years. What happened Tommy?' I asked while feeling defeated at the end.

'Life bitch slapped me,' he replied, glaring at me. 'That's what happened.'

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rebekahm1105 rebekahm1105 Mar 15, 2017
I'm the beginning of this I thought I'm going to kill u because u skipped 15 yrs and so...but now I'm SO FREAKING EXCITED 😍 I know I'm going to LOVE this ✌️😱😍🖤
nicol_just_glambert nicol_just_glambert Jul 17, 2016
Tommy is like one son of bich! I want the old Tommy back! Update soon!....please...😠😠😡😡
missholmes96 missholmes96 Jul 17, 2016
Did I tell you how much I love you?
                              *in the background loud scream of excitment* :D
nicol_just_glambert nicol_just_glambert Jul 17, 2016
Moreeeeeee! Pleaseeeeee!!!
                              BTW i can't share bc my phone is dumb.😝