beachside infatuation ≫ camren

beachside infatuation ≫ camren

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mariana :) By camzilo Completed

Lauren, a skater girl who likes the euphoric feeling of the outside world. You'll see her riding out with a snapback on. She isn't all too intimidating as she looks, she just grins a lot. 

Camila, an enthusiast of things. Books, music, just words. You'll see her mostly inside, cuddled with a stuff animal and a book. An innocent looking girl but with some exceptional.. thoughts. 

When Camila goes to the beach one day in the summer, and bumps into Lauren, literally. The instantly have some sort of connection, an infatuation. Summer, full of aesthetics, fun, good vibes, maybe even love.

READ PLEASE: I stopped doing chapters and ended up doing a final chapter for some time after I stopped. So this fanfic is technically completed. I apologize if near the end it's crappy. But have fun reading :)

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OmarDean OmarDean Sep 09
When you say "sharp jaw", are you sure you're not referring to yourself by any chance?
OmarDean OmarDean Sep 09
Oh yes, she did! Watchu gonna do homie??? Watchu.gonna.DO?!?!
OmarDean OmarDean Sep 09
If only I received a penny from every single fanfic that contains an oblivious Lauren... I'd be living in the Bahamas rn.
2 of my siblings and I have moles all over our body, also on our faces.
OMG I know this is like so irrelevant but when I was like 6 my family and I were at the beach and there was seagulls surrounding us because I had a hotdog next thing I know a damn seagull swoops down and fückïng eats it
I'm afraid of every bird ever, I live close enough to the beach to have seagulls flying around and my neighbor has pigeons and I'm constantly dying